Garage Door Servicing and Repairs

The garage door is often the largest moving part of most premises and regular servicing is necessary in order to ensure a smooth, quiet and safe operation.

Garage door service consists in springs tensioning, lubrication of hardware, inspection of all garage door components including bolts, screws, etc. Regular service will lead to an increase in the life of your garage door motor (warranty requirement) and it will ensure that its operation is safe and smooth. For more information about what a garage door service consists of please click here.

Danmar Garage Doors strongly recommends your garage door to be serviced once every 12 months (residential doors under 14sqm or 150Kg) and 6 months for most commercial garage doors unless specified otherwise.

All services/repairs should be carried out by a qualified service technician.

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In order to obtain a free quote on a service/repair please contact our office on 08 9309 6111 (service/repair is only available in Perth WA)